Upload Files

File uploader can be a individual component or be a part of a form:

@app.page('/', 'form')
def form_page():
    return [
        Card('Upload Form', [
            Upload(on_data=on_upload)  # use Upload individually

        Form(on_submit = on_submit, content = [
            Upload(name='upload', on_data=on_upload),     # embed uploads in a form
            FormActions(content = [

The on_data handler will be called if a file is uploaded:

def on_upload(file):
    print("=== file name will be: ===")
    print('=== the file is stored in: ===')

Use app.uploaded_file_location(file) to get the absolute path of the uploaded file.

When you gave a name to the Upload Component, you can also retrive the file when the form is submitted:

def on_submit(form_data):
    print(app.uploaded_file_location(form_data['upload'])) # e.g. the upload component's name is 'upload'

By default, the file will be stored in /upload of the folder containing the starter Python file, but you can change it by passing an upload_folder when creating the AdminUI App:

app = AdminApp(upload_folder='Your custom folder')